About Hebi Cycle Commercial Co.,Ltd.

  1. HEBI CYCLE COMMERCIAL CO.,LTD (CYCLE INDUSTRY LIMITED) are specializing in exporting and producing of metal products,chemical products,resin plastics products,mineral products and waste;
  2. HEBI CYCLE COMMERCIAL CO.,LTD (CYCLE INDUSTRY LIMITED) have exporting department and producing factory;
  3. The factory was established in 2000s and specially produced metal products,chemical products,resin plastics products,mineral products and waste;
  4. The factory located in HeBi city, HeNan province,China. HeBi City is called “China Magnesium Valley”. The biggest testing center “Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”also located in HeBi City; HeBi city alsobelongs to the central section of China and have well-developed transportation net. That could make the cargoes be transported conveniently;

  1. Our factory mainly produce the chemical products for construction cement admixture, concrete admixture, water reducing agent, retarder, early strength agent, accelerator, industrial water treatment, leather, textile, printing and dyeing, oil field, paper and other industry;
  2. The resin products include:phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, powder coating polyester resin, polyester polyol, acrylic resin, unsaturated resin, alkyd resin, vinyl acetate emulsion, electroplated silver resin, furan resin, ancient Malone resin, synthetic resin, epoxy resin, ion exchange resin, terpene resin, PU resin, surface finishing agent, PU prepolymer, bridging agent, shoe sole and so on.
  3. Plastic workshop produce plastic particles:general plastics particles,engineering plastic particles,special plastic particles,plastic alloy particles,recycled plastic particles,plastic additives, etc;;

  1. Minerals products include: vermiculite, volcanic stone, zeolite, light stone, ceramsite, peat soil, mica, coloured sand, rock chips, quartz sand, fluorite, red iron powder, kaolin, diatomite, bauxite, bentonite, heavy calcium powder, light calcium powder, high calcium powder, pyrophyllite powder, asbestos velvet, tourmaline, etc.
  2. The metal powder(granules) workshop could produce nonferrous metal powder(granules),ferrous powder(granules),metal alloy powder(granules) that are used for metallurgy, steelmaking, national defense, water treatment and other fields.;
  3. The waste warehouse mainly collects metal waste,plastic waste and so on;;
  4. Our exporting team has more than 10years exporting experience for dangerous cargoes and common cargoes. We also have long-term cooperating ship-booking agent in TianJin and ShangHai. That could make sure professional exporting services are given. We also have the complete and scientific quality management system.;
  5. High efficiency, professionalism, cooperation and win-win are our business philosophy. Welcome friends all over the world could discuss and cooperate with us.;