Plastic Resin Manufacturer in China

Hebi Cycle Commercial Co., Limited Cycle Industry Limited, is a leading plastic resin manufacturer in China. We are based in Hebi city, Henan province, China. Hebi City is called “China Magnesium Valley.” We are operating in the resin industry since the 2000s and have got enough experience in the plastic resin manufacturer industry. We are committed to providing our resin with competitive price and prime branded materials, high-quality equivalents, and exceptional customer service.  We specialize in the resin products, including Chlorinated PVC resin, Acrylic resin, ALKYD resin, Glycerol ester of resin, Furan resin, and others. For our resin products range, kindly visit our “Products” tab.

It is our vision to give our clients certified materials reliably. We offer our products to clients according to their application requirements, or when relevant contributions a lower cost quality elective material, to diminish the assembling in general material expenses without yielding quality, all while working with a trustworthy, dependable resin provider. Various features that our resin products provide include; Superior transmission, Permanent transparency, Good toughness, high strength, good chemical and solvent resistance, High dimensional stability, crack resistance, light quantity and low density, food contact approval alongside anti-allergy. Similarly, our resin products enable you for natural coloring, provides you excellent mold-ability, superb abrasion, and scratch resistance.

Best Plastic Resin Manufacturer

Sense of social responsibility is an essential component of our strategy. Hebi Commercial Cycle is committed to promoting sustainability, community, and ecological stewardship. Therefore, we are consistently exploring new materials, processes, and techniques that help eradicate waste, diminish energy use, and squeeze our carbon footprint. Wherever our business takes us, we make sure to be a good neighbor.

We believe that customer satisfaction is highly important to our success. Therefore, we try to maintain product quality along with high standards throughout our production process. Besides, we regularly catch up with market trends, using technology innovation, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly raw materials. From specialty color to high-performance requirements, our qualified and knowledgeable staff works with you to construct the ideal material for your specific application. We have the best workforce, which makes us prominent in the market. So, if you need a quality plastic resin manufacturer, come to us.