Ethyl silicate(TEOS)
June 22, 2019
June 23, 2019

Ceramic fiber

Name:ceramic fiber;

Category: aluminum silicate fiber;

Features: light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low specific heat and mechanical vibration, excellent refractory material;

Main ingredient: alumina;

Classification: shedding fiber (diameter 3.0-5.0µ m) spinneret fiber (diameter 2.0-3.0µ m); filament throwing fiber (length 150-250mm) spinneret fiber (length 100-200mm);


  1. Furnace door seal,furnace mouth curtain of various heat-insulating industrial furnaces;
  2. The high temperature flue, the wind pipe bushing, the expansion joint;
  3. Petrochemical equipment,containers,High temperature and heat insulation insulation of pipes, heat preservation;
  4. Protective clothing, gloves, Headcovers, helmets, boots, etc,under high temperature;
  5. The heat shield of the automobile engine, the parcel of the exhaust pipe of the heavy oil engine, the composite brake pad of the high speed car;
  6. Transport high temperature liquid,gas pump,sealed packings for compressors and valves,shim;
  7. High temperature electrical apparatus insulation;
  8. Fireproof door, fireproof curtain, fireproof blanket,heat insulation cover and other fire-resistant joint products;
  9. Thermal insulation, insulation materials, brake friction pads for aerospace and aeronautical Industry;
  10. Insulation and package of cryogenic equipment, containers, pipes;
  11. Adiabatic, fireproof layer,fire protection automatic fire curtain of an important place in the high grade office building, such as the archival repository, exchequer, safe, and so on;
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