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May 15, 2019
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Metal Powders

Metal Powder Manufacturers in China

Cycle Industry Limited is operating both as a local manufacturer as well as exporter. We specialize in manufacturing products regarding quality metal powder manufacturers in China. Apart from best metal powder, we produce resin plastic products, chemical products and mineral products.

Hebi Cycle Commercial Co., Limited (Cycle Industry Limited) is one of the most significant names in the plastic manufacturing industry.  With the experience of over a decade with the aid of 24/7 dedicated workforce, Cycle Industry Limited is more than a household name in the plastic industry. The range of our products along with the variety differentiates us with our competitors.

To reveal more about Cycle Industry Limited, our production factory is situated in Hebi city, the NeHan province of China. Our physical existence provides us huge benefit, because, Hebi city is renowned for being “China Magnesium valley”. Moreover, Hebi city has the tremendous testing hub for the purpose of “Magnesium Alloy Products Quality Supervision and Inspection”.

Talking about advantages of Hebi; due to its location in the country cargo transportation becomes hassle-free. Our cargo is easily transported all over China as Hebi is China’s central section. Therefore transportation gives us some competitive edge. For the production of metallic components, metal powder manufacturers in China as a base material. The characteristics of metal powder influence the quality of final base material.


Products name: calcium powder;

Particle size:0~0.2mm, 0~0.5mm, 0~1mm or as the customers’ demand;

Purity :Ca 85%~95%;

Exporting package:iron drums with argon (175kg/drum);

Products application:

Manufacturing special steel and alloy steel ( deoxidizer, decarburizer, desulfurizer);

Producing calcium cored wire (raw materials)

Extracting high-purity rare earth metal ( reducing agent);

Metallurgy industry ( desulfurizer, deoxidizer, clarificant);

Other industry ( lead-calcium storage battery, medical & pharmacy industry).

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