Sec-Caprylic alcohol
June 22, 2019
Sodium dichromate
June 22, 2019

Potassium dichromate

Name:Potassium dichromate;

Properties: orange red three oblique crystal or needle like crystal at room temperature;

Solubility: slightly soluble in cold water, aqueous solution is acid, soluble in hot water, insoluble in ethanol;

Molecular formula:K2Cr2O7+;

Molecular weight:294.19;

Melting point:398ºC;

Boiling point:500ºC;




Properties:orange red three slate crystal;

Flash point:50°F;

Stability: stable;


Leather, printing and dyeing, chemical, electroplating, match, chrome alum, chrome tanning, pigments, chrome alum, chrome pigmentsand organic synthesis.

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