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June 22, 2019
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June 22, 2019

Sec-Caprylic alcohol

Name:Sec-Caprylic alcohol;sec-Octyl alcohol;

Alias:2-Caprylic alcohol;2-Octyl alcohol;Hexylmethylcarbinol;1-Methylheptanol;1-methylheptyl alcohol;2-Hydroxyl octane;

Molecular formula:C8H18O;

Molecular weight:130.23;


Boiling point:178~179℃;

Melting point:-38℃;

Flash point (open cup):88℃;

Density d415:0.835;

Viscosity mPa·s (20℃) :8.2;

Refraction rate nD25:1.4256;

Solubility: insoluble in water, mixed with alcohols, ethers, chloroform and other organic solvents;

Properties: colorless, transparent, liquid with special flavour, inflammable;


  1. Plasticizer, synthetic fiber oil, defoaming agent, solvent;
  2. Surface active agent, coal flotation agent, pesticide emulsifier raw material, pharmaceutical raw material, etc.
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